Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mega Nails

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers!
I am glad to report that Giveaway Winner have contacted me, so the prize is going to France now :) But don't get sad, just stay tuned, more contests and giveaways are coming soon.
But today i ll spoil you with really cool looking black, white and gold manicure.
I love how this one turned out, it was inspired by some picture i found, probably posted by one of my readers. I really liked the concept, but i had to adapt it for my tiny nails.
If you are an original author, please leave a comment and i ll give you a credit here, by providing link on you blog in this post.
So i hope you like both - mine and original, and have a wonderful day!

Here is the original - see i only used the concept :) Please let me know if you are an author, so i can give you credit here


  1. i also seen this pic... but i also dont know who own this creation...ur mani is so cute...i will try to konadiClone this too...

  2. thank you again Liza, I'm really excited of having won ^_^

  3. i like this mani! and if you dont mind me saying - i like this nail shape a lot better!