Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stone Marble

Ya-hoo! I am super happy with this manicure - in fact i love it!!! I think i am finally catch in up on the water marble technique. The trick is that you need to marble polishes in the water really randomly, and even if it looks like a mess, it will be more detailed on the nails . At first i was trying to make some patterns like they show in videos and it nether worked.
Another important thing is that even if polish does not look opaque in the water, it will still work just fine on teh nails polished witht eh base color.
I finish this manicure with ,matte top coat, to make it look like stone, and i love this mani!!!!
I feel much more confident aout water marbles now, and i play with it more.

This is right hand


  1. gorgeous marble! you did an amazing job<3

  2. Wow I want to try it also! I love it... =)

  3. yay!! water marbling is really fun..

  4. that is so pretty!i never get water marbelling right,even if i do it fast,the polish dries by the time i put my nail in :(

  5. Nice work, your nails looks so pretty!

  6. I also love it!!! Your nails look pretty! The color is also perfect.