Friday, December 11, 2009

Nigth Club Martini

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers!
Today i am sharing with you my attempt of Martini glass manicure. Where are many different variation of this manicure, and almost everyone who does some nail-art have tried this one, or at least was thinking of it.
I think my turned out not bad at all, i did all the design with nail polish strippers. Special thing about it, and something think is really cool, is little "olive" dot in each glass - i made it using China glaze khrome polish.
So i hope this mani will spice up your weekend a little. And another excited news is that i died my hairs today - it is now dark auburn. I have not died my hairs for a really long time, like since i was 16-17 y o. I like my naturaly rich and dark color, but i guess just want to try something new. I cant say that i hate the result, but i definately have to get used to the new look, so far it feels weired. :)