Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am so Back

Hello My Sweet Followers!
Now my contest is over and i guess i am back to regullar blogging. Again a greate thanks to everyone who took time to participate in my contest ,i am planing to have more contests and giveaways in the nearest future.
Also as you can see i have been working recently on the redesigning the blog, i made a new header and found a nice matching background, but reorganizing gadgets is still in the process.
Please let me know how do you like new design?
Now back to Nails:
I have a bunch of nail-arts from last week, so i ll post 2 set of pictures today, to catch up a bit with the recent lack of posts.
Here the base coat is China Glaze "Millenium"

And here base coat is OPI "Russian Navy"


  1. Welcome back Liza :-) I love the manicures you did - they're so charming !

  2. yay!! im glad ur back with ur nail art blog always i love ur designs...i love how u combined 2 different images in 1 nail... so gorgeous... have a great week.. keep safe!!!xoxo

  3. Glad your back, and I love these manis! They are so cute!

  4. Wellcome back!
    Looking forward to see more amazing manis like those!^^

  5. Beautiful manicures. The first is my favorite. Like your new blog design.

  6. Very pretty. I really like the Russian Navy one.
    Love how the blog design turned out, too!

  7. Welcome back! I love the new flows so well :)

  8. Welcome back! Your designs are gorgeous as always :)

  9. hi liza, welcome back, nice blogspot background, I like your 2 new manicure... =)
    God Bless