Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoya - Drew (Fall Collection 2009 - Truth)

Keeping up with the Zoyas reviews. Today i present you Zoya "Drew" - light and exciting coral pink shimmer. I ll be honest this color is not in my pallet, and it probably would nether catch my eye. However it was such a pleasant surprise to see how great it compliments my skin tone. A little hard to make it even, however work totally worth.
For the design i used cheapest drug store stickers, that i don't even know where came from and been in my nail box like forever :) I like how the design turned out on this polish. Hove a happy weekend and stay tuned for more Zoya inspired designs in my Nail-Art World .


  1. I like this shade on you. It does go nicely with your complexion. I have some stickers but can't get them off the page. Any suggestions?

  2. Lucy, i used an orange stick to pick up the stickers and place on the nail. However tooth picks will work too. Pick it up from the side, digging under the sticker. May be your sickers glued harder then mine ? Hope it helps