Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zoya - Pinta (Fall Collection 2009 - Dare)

Hello Dear Readers!
Today i am going to introduce you a simple design inspired by Zoya "Pinta" - a beautiful shade from Dare collection.
What to say - i love love and love this color, it is really deep and rich, i would call it egg plant color. This shade had always been one of my favorite from darker color, and Zoya did a wonderful job with this polish - the formula is awesome and easy to control. The more i use Zoyas, the more i love them, honestly!!! My first Zoya haul, was bit of disappointment, because i expected 2-coater with good coverage - this is how they looked on pictures, but however in reality i guess i picked up all the transparent jellys on this first time. However i realized that even jelly have a word of opportunities in terms of layering and gradation. And really,m the more i use, the more i like the formula.
I added some zebra stamping to this awesome color, just to spice it up. For me personally - this color - must have!