Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoya - Envy (Fall Collection 2009 - Dare)

So here is the first design i made using the beautiful , wonderful, amazing Zoya - Envy.
In her blog, THE NAILPHILE called this polish " a night in the forest" , but for me it is more like something puke and Panky - in a good mean of those words. On the nails this polish is really dark, unless you are on the bright sun. I used to cats, and this dark dark green compliment a lot other greens, especially neon like types of polishes for design. And why do you think this is the first review and design - simply because from the look on the bottle i like this polish the most. But again, this is fall collection, so i ll take the most advantage of those colors in fall.


  1. Hey Lisa!

    I'm a frequent reader but first time commentator :p. I love this new design it looks super nice xx But I mainly wanted to let you know that I was trying to find some orangewood cuticle sticks online and noticed that this auctioner had a banner which was similar to yours. Maybe you should check it out.. ..just scroll down to the product description so you can see it. Just a heads up! Keep up the great work xx

  2. Joyce, thanks a lot for sharing it. But i am not the unique owner of the picture itself, i just got it from free pictures service a long time ago, and modified to make it my own header. So i guess i don't really care Should i?
    Anyway, i appreciate your participation :) And i hope you ll start commenting more .

  3. Beautiful - love those colors, and what a cute design! I've been meaning to order some of the new Zoya colors...will do that soon.

  4. Love the color combination. Your Konadicure is lovely. I love the fishnet pattern and the little flower. Very nice.