Tuesday, October 6, 2009

French Net Remake

Really cool design, i had a foto in my collection of "Bets Practices". Unfortunately photo is not labeled and i can not refer to teh original author, but if you read this and this photo is yours, let me know, and i ll link on your blog or at least mention you.
So the idea is really super cool, and quit easy to make. I wore those nails last thursday for the night out with my girlfriends. everybody loved it.

And here is the original photo by Rachel,check out her BLOG she is very talented and where are lots of greate nail atr idea where.


  1. Hi Lisa~ i'm Rachel and that's my photo! ^^
    that was the nail i help my friend to do months ago, and this is the link:


    Actually i've been reading your blog since i have my own blog, it's just that i didn't 'show up' before, hehe..
    But thanks you like my mani! :)

  2. Rachel thanks, i link a post to you blog. Your are so talented, i have couple more manicures from your blog that i d like to remake :) Hope you don't mind!

  3. That is super cute, I might try that!

  4. Oh thank you Lisa! i'd definitely very happy to see more from you of the remaking,
    you know it's all about sharing especially it's our fav -- nails! haha..^^

  5. Very pretty! I love the design.