Monday, October 5, 2009

Drug Store Findings

I hope to make this type of posts regular here, so i can tell you about interesting nail-art related things found in the drug store and supermarkets - cheap and easy to get.
Here is a Fantasy maker polish from Walgreens. This polish is very unusual - i have not seen anything like this, the stripes are so tiny and super sparkly, and where are pretty a lot of glitter in every mll. On the pictures it is 2 coats, but this polish will work the best over darker color.
I am super pleased with it - i honestly did not expect it to be any good for 1.99 or so, but it exceed all my expectation and will take a sparkle spot in my collection.
Oh and this loittle "RIP" thing on the lid, isn't it super cute?

Oh and a weekly or so picture of Marshal! He is growing big. I recently got him vaccinated and get a license for him.I hoped that having a license will make him behave better, but unfrotunately it did not work at all, he is still my Bad orange chicken :)


  1. The bottle is super cute, and so is your kitty!

  2. Marshal is really getting big. He's so cute! I bought this polish last week also. Love it. Love your manicure. What exactly is the orange or red parts?

  3. I got the glow in the dark polish in that same collection but was less enthused with it. It lives up to its promise by glowing in the dark but the color it appears on your nails is horrifying, then again it is a Halloween polish so maybe that is the point.