Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Mani 2

As i promised here is the second Mani i made when i was on vacations - this one also lived a day :) But what day... oh that was a good day spent snorkeling and drinking "sex on the beach" all day long. By the way, i had troubles remember the word "snorkeling" - so i just called it "crocodiling" :)

This is my sweet Marshal - he is growing and he is such a beautiful and cool cat!!! I nether had a cat like this - all my previous cats were evel and didnt like to be petted. So far marshal is very social - he likes to be arround people all the time, and he is a "lap-cat" - because he really likes to seat and sleep on laps and hands and to be carryed arround. And hes nick name so far is "Orange Chicken" - because this is my favorite thing from Panda lol and because he is super orange.


  1. Beautiful nails, and adorable kitty!

  2. What a handsome boy! Pretty manicure too :)

  3. Love the manicure. Pretty kitty. I always loved when my cats were always with me. Only one was troublesome. She always had to sleep with me and on top of me. The worst time was during the summer. No air conditioning and she like to sleep wrapped around my neck! She wouldn't start out like that. I would wake up all sweaty with the cat all curled up around my throat. Every night and if I didn't let her in my room she would yowl the house down. I really miss all the animals I had.