Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marble Nail attempt # 1003

Oh yeah... because i suck on making marble nails. I watched tons of videos, read numberouse instructions, view multiple picture, it just doe not work with me ,On this picture is the best outcome i have ever done, and i try many many time.
the problem i am facing is that even if i act fast, i still can not really create marbles with the polish on the water, because it all dry and get stuked to the tooth pick. May be somebody can give me a tip or an advise on it. I relaly want to lern how to make Marble nails


  1. I just had to laugh at your post. I can just imagine the polish doing that. It seems so easy when I read the directions and watched the videos. I haven't tried it. I think this is very pretty. Looks really swirly to me. I love the colors that you've chosen. Hope someone can understand what went wrong for you.

  2. It is the polish. Some just will not work, especially if it is a fast dry polish. Make sure your water is room temp. I had the same trouble when I first attempted this. On the videos it is smooth like butter when they move the toothpick across the polish. Then when I did it....not so much. Very frustrating. It took trying SEVERAL different polishes to find out which ones would work. I do love the color choices you used!!! Great job! What did you use on your fingers to aid in removing the polish? I have been using vasoline, it works well just a pain to mess with.

  3. That looks gorgeous, I think that you did a great job! I think that I need to try that technique and see how it works for me.

  4. That looks lovely! The colours you chose compliment each other really well.

  5. That is how I feel about gradients. I did another fail last night, will post it soon. But I didn't use your instructions you gave me, I tried something in my head that didn't really work out.

  6. Thank you guys for liking this one and for tips!
    Triskit - special thanks for the tips, i ll try again, but i swear i have try every polish i have - nothing works. But you are right about my problem.
    contests and such - htis is funny, but i understand now your frustration with gradients.
    I definately will try to do more marbles - i am sure if try hard enouth one of those days it just will work.