Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fighting the Inner Hobbit ( gross, but useful)

As you know from the lord of rings what is the main characteristic of hobbits? Right - they have hairy toes. So am i... Sure i keep it secret from you, my sweet friend, and nether want to shock my readers with the pictures of my super hairy toes .So usually i use photo shop, and everything looks nice and smooth - on the picture, but not in real life. I realized that i have extra hairs on my toes, only when started to take picture of my pedicure ( about a year ago), and ever since was thinking about what can i really do about it. I mean seriously - would you like to shave your toes weekly - this is even more wired when be a female pedicured hobbit. I once tried a hair removal cream - and it did not work at all.
However vacations is a really special occasion, and i decided to try new approach to the problem. Why i write about it in my blog - well, may be some of you have a hairy toes too, and this will be useful tips on how to fight your inner hobbit. I know it does not give me any pints, but it took me quite a while to find a solution.
I recently both a 6 dollar waxing stripes kit in a drugstore and at first i was absolutely skeptic that this going to work. However, i end up with more then satisfying results and very happy .Sally waxing kit, provide small sized stripes that are ideal for tiny areas like toes. According to the instructions i wormed the wax by robbing the strip between my hands and it took me only 30 seconds to feel that wax is worm and ready to use.
But it is always better to see, so here are pictures. I am so happy that i have beaten my inner hobbit, and guess what? may be you should check your toes too. ^-^

So this is picture of my toes before the fotoshop - so called haired version, i sure would nethe rpost it like this in the blog, but unfortunately can not use photoshop in real life .
Here is my right toe is waxed and all smooth and nice, again no photoshop involved


  1. Nice of you to do that for your readers. I have seen some pretty hairy toes! Your weren't that bad. I only have a little on my two big toes. I use the electric razor and it's gone.

  2. wow- you wax your toes? I just pluck the hairs out = waxing is not for me = you are one tough blogger.