Friday, August 7, 2009

Confession Time !

Hola Queridos Invitados!
It is time to revel my sweet secret to you. We are going on 8 days vacation to Cozumel, Mexico next week. So i hope you,folks wont miss too much since i will not be posting wile i relaxing on the beach :) we are coming back 20th of august, and i hope i ll start posting back to normal after return.
However nail-freaks like me, do the job even on vacation. I am going to try out to use Zoya Color lock system for my vacation mani and pedi, and see how this product is gonna face a vacation challenge. Stay tuned for the full color lock system report.
The manicure that i am posting today, supposed to kind of create this Mexican vacation excitement. I was thinking about it for weeks, but totally messed it up, because was bothered by all my home zoo. Marshal jumped right on my finger when i was in the process, and scratch my finger really bad.
Anyway, if ll have time, i may have another interesting confession post tomorrow. So, you d better stay tuned.


  1. hope you hav a lot of fun on your vacation! <3

  2. oh my gosh - have a great time :) i think your mani looks GREAT BTW!!
    are you just gonna do polish for your vacation or the polish and a konad?

  3. How fun that will be! Enjoy yourselves. Better to pick something light. So if it chips it's not so noticeable. Unless your going to bring your polish and remover with you.