Monday, July 20, 2009

Russian Style Nails

Well, i ll be honest with you, dear reader, Those nails did not turned out very good. It looks bad, but this is not what i wanted it to look like. The problem is that i realised that i am out of a good liquid black color, the one i had turned so thick that i was not able to make a good wet design. Some time after i ll get a good new black i ll remake this manicure.
The inspiration of this mani is Russian folk art called Hohloma - it is a wooden dishes artistically painted with black, gold and red, sometime a little of green .


  1. I like it, the colors are beautiful together!

  2. aw.. was the black nail polish too thick? :( needed some thinner?
    I thought this was a pretty design still :) those russian bowls(?) looks nice..

  3. Ah wow I actually really like it!!

  4. Very pretty manicure. I like the red,black and gold together. The Russian dishes are beautiful.