Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revlon Runaway inspired ...

Good time of the day, dear readers.
This manicure is inspired by the Revlon runaway collection that i review last week. Hand painted nail-art is certainly not as astonish as printed, but you know, where is somehting about those nails.
And also this is one of those cases when i do a way better on my right hand when on left. It happens sometime to me, i screw up all the left hand, but when i need to draw on the right hand using left hand i be more acurate and concentrated, so right hand come up way better when left.
As about this mani, i do not even want to show you my mess on the left hand.


  1. love this Idea I would love to see these colors with silver instead of black! Very pretty!

  2. I like the three different glittery colors. Very pretty. I like the x's with the jewel in the center.

  3. Thank you ladies.
    Lucy - colors are in fact jelly, but used a glittery top coat :)
    Kittyluvscolor - super great idea about silver! may be you should try it out

  4. this is pretty nice :)
    i love the lil sparkly accent in the middle <3