Monday, July 13, 2009

Pacman Nails

I was thinking about this manicure for months, really, and i am very happy i finally found my muse and inspiration and made it. i really like how it turned out, and i wore this manicure for 2 full days - which is really a lot for me :) This is not like i am a fan of PACMAN or anything, i just think this is very "manicurable", and look creative and bright on the nails. The cashier in walmart complimented my nails with this design .
Did any of you played a real video game mashine Pacman? IS where any of you who don't even know what Pacman is?

Right hand :) I think i am just awesome :D (kidding)


  1. Hi! I posted some additional info about Born in the USSR on my latest post. It might be of interest to you. Thanks for following my blog :)

  2. THIS IS SOOOO adorable!!!!! i love reading your blog!

  3. That's adorable - what a great idea!

    Yes, I played Pac Man when I was younger...great fun.

  4. wow! those are the coolest nails Ive seen in a while! I love em!

  5. you ARE just awesome!!! I love it!

  6. How cute you manicure is Lisa. Don't gobble up your other nails!

  7. Thank you very much guys, i appreciate all the comments, and i like this manicure too :)
    Jamie - where is your nail-art - it is Tuesday, fans are waiting :) I mean i am checking you blog like every 20 minutes.

    Lacquer Laine - thank you, i love your blog too :)

    Natalie - thank you

  8. omg i love pacman!!! <3
    I can't believe you could fit all of that on your nails!
    now this is talent!!! <3 <3 <3