Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy about fimo fruits

I am seriousely thinking aout getting acrylic nails. And the only reason i want them, is that i want a design with fimo fruits,baked into the clear acrylic, so the nail is smooth. If i just piut the fruits on tp of the natural nails they gonan be highter then the rest of nail :(
How do you guys think, or may be know for sure, what is put a coat of the clear acrylic on the natural nail and bake fruits in it
i so adore nice fruity nails, and i so much want to see it on my nails. However acrylic nails supposed to last couple weeks , but i don't know how long i will like the same design, since right now, i change my nails almost every day ( THANK YOU, CHEATERS OF SECHE VITE!!! )
I nether had acrylics before, so i am also a little worry about how is it going to feel and if i can stand it. Please share your expirience about acrylic nails, and let me knwo what do you think about my desire to ge tit?
Here are some fruity nails - something like this is what i ahve in my mind
Pictures are from russian social network site and from the site that i can not find anymore, but pictures are labled. I ll take them off after a while, just really wan tto show you good examples of what i am taking about.

Here the design is not smooth, and this is not what i want, i want fruits to be inside the nails


  1. Weirdly, I have just had a play with some Fimo Fruits for the first time. I have natural nails so they were on top of the surface of the nail. They looked ok, but I think they'd be a nightmare if you wanted to wash dishes or wash your hair, etc as they dont shape round your nails, the sides stick out so they'd be very easy to snag on something.

    Here is my little attempt: http://tsnails.wordpress.com/2009/07/15/swatch-button-moon/

  2. Thank you for sharing, i love your blog.
    And yes, this is why i don't want just glue fruits on my own nails, fruits must be inside the nails :)
    3D nail art look good on large nails. but on my tiny little nails it is a disaster

  3. Don't get fake nails!
    Reason 1: When you take them off your natural nails are ruined and you might even have to grow them all the way out for them to look somewhat decent.
    Reason 2: You will get sooo bored with the same design all the time for weeks
    Reason 3: Where we all go to see daily nail art that is so creative and different? (ok, I'm being a little selfish)

    I'd say you might want to get them if you are going on a long vacation when you'll be so busy you won't be able to do nail art every day. The fruity nails are really cute.

    >>>But you'll still have to deal with ruined nails after they come off!

  4. acrylic nails are nice but it can be a pain because you have to maintain it...

    Crystal is right... acrylic nails will be nice but once you decide to get rid of them, your natural nails will be ruined and thin...

    having the fruits in the nail is a great idea! won't be annoying because they aren't sticking out tho <3

  5. Thank you all for advices.
    I wonder, may be i can just put the layaer of clear acrylic on my own nail ?
    Did anyone try to do that?
    Like glue the fruits and then make a thick coat of acr5ylic and then smooth it with buff?
    Do you think that may work?
    I believe that i will only make it a week witht eh same design, really, so may be this way will be better for my own nails ?
    And don't you worry about seeing nail-arts - i ll do my friends or husbands nails, or even tips :) I can't live without making nails ( this blog is a proof lol )

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my acrylic nails! It's the best I've ever done.
    Don't worry about ruin your nails when the acrylic comes off, it's just something peoe says to scare you :P
    If you get them done once a moth they will be nice and pretty and you will not ruin your own nails.
    And if you put fruits in them, you can remove them next month and put flowers, glitter, flecks or whatever you want instead :)
    And if you get tired of it, paint over it. I pan my naila all the time, but I have natural acryolic without decor.
    Go for it! :)

  7. Haha, I realize I wrote like s**t, but you get it anyway ;P