Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Short French with pink flower

Here are my "new" short nails. Cant really do much of it, but this is what i have today. Also where is n additional picture of the Pink Lace design that i posted earlier. I realized that neon colors wont be shown properly, it just lose contrast because of the camera flash. And i am including this day light picture, just to show you real look of this astonish polish ( Essie - punchy pink)
I used it for the short nails french too, but again could not really make it show up on the picture, so i hope you ll excuse the quality of the pictures.


  1. Your nails look really good. I don't think they look that short. I like the manicure.

  2. Thanks a lot Lucy.
    By the way you are the most active commenter of my blogs and i appreciate it a lot. Fell free to make a request for the color of design or anything you would like to see.

  3. I would love to know how to do the nails in the most bottom picture. Please and thank you :]