Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Russian Nail-Art

Everybody knows what Japanese nail-art is - crazy crazy bright and overloaded nails, very funky and noticeable. I want to introduce you to the Russian Nail-art. Oh yeah - nail industry in Russia is really huge, even if compare to the US. But where are some things that really distinguish Russian nail-art from the Japanese or American.
First of all, Fake nails are really popular in Russia. People get faked nails even if their own nails strong and have a good shape. Because fake nails are kind of pricey, it became some kind of status thing,like expensive cell phone or jewelery.
Another interesting fact about Russian nails - is shape. this sharp shape that i call "tiger nails" have been around and very popular for last several years.
All those pictures i took from the Russian forum of professional nail masters, those are not contest works - in contrast those real clients nails. So this is something people do not just for pictures, but they really wears nails like this. And it does not wonder me at all, because i have seen stuff like this around a lot.
Unlike in japan - tech stuff is hard to get and expensive in Russia. You cant even get stuff from eBay if you live in Russia ,where is no such a thing as e-commerce and post works really bad. (It is a banking system issue, most people don't use credit cards, and Russian business cant have a online payment systems, because visa don't want to deal with them) Good example is Fimo clay or Konad - most nail masters did not even herd of it, seriously! Those difficulties, i believe, lead to the great imagination and talent development, and i am just amazed of how talented those Russian masters and by the amazing nails they do.So couldn't help to share some pictures with you.
( All pictures are taken from "Gilina" http://forum.gilina.ru/index.php?showforum=24)

And if you wonder what is my opinion about faked nails - i really don't care that much, natural or faked nails, i just love nail design, and i like a lot the opportunities that all those acrylic and gel materials provide from the design perspective. I like the aquarium type of nails, and really want to learn how to do stuff like this .


  1. Wow...Very stunning and creative! Thank you for sharing. Interesting,that credit cards are not used and on-line payment is not typical. I had no idea. Thanks for the Russian economic lesson as well.

  2. Lisa thanks for posting these amazing examples of Russian nail mart. Each design is so beautiful. I don't know which one I like best. I just can't imagine going about my everyday life with the tiger nails! Especially, oh I better not go there!

  3. To see more international nail art designs, go to http://www.nsinails.com/nail-arts/category/balance-color-gels.html

    Jessie Burkhardt
    Sales/Marketing Coordinator for NSI

  4. It is a very nice and good post. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for those pics, they are all great ! There's just one thing I don't like, it's tiger nails, I juste don't like the shape and can't imagine wearing such nails and doing my work (I type all day, lol). But even if I don't like them, I admire the stunning designs made on these !