Friday, May 1, 2009

In love with... China Glaze :)

Oh yeah... this is one great true love that i recently developed.
This is actually my first experience with china glaze.. Gosh, i wish i knew. I mean i didn't know a lot about polish industry in USA since i moved here, and i was greatly disappointing with polishes from the drug stores, so i was getting my polishes from Russia and from everybody who ever goes where. I don't consider myself a real polish collector , because i am more into the nail design,but i want to sincerely thank all the people who run the blogs about polishes. This is very helpful to see the actual pictures of different shades from the different brands. so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
By the way, china glaze Bahamian escape, happened to be very good for stamping, because it is very rich and bright.
I used it to stamp the stripes. And the base is also china glaze - spontaneous.


  1. Hi Dreamka! China Glaze polish is fantastic. They have such gorgeous colors. Love your Konad. I've read in Brooke's Getcha Nails Done that China Glaze works well with Konad. It's good to know about these polishes.

  2. ME TOO!!!! I always thought these were just for nail techs and I was stuck using really bad store brands!!!! (there are some good drugstore brands, though.....finally)