Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Millitary Girl

How contagious is the addiction to the nail polishes? Extremely contagious!!!
I went to my local Sally Beauty shop yesterday, just to get some Soche Vite top coat ( i herd about it from "Polish Addict", because she called it her greatest nail opening. in the get to know article, and i just couldn't wait to try it, especially after reading some really good reviews on the net). But in the store i found that where is china glaze "for Audrey" for sale, and i was going to order it anyway, so decided to get this one too. And then the cashier told that where is a promotion going on on china glaze and orly - "buy one get one free" - so i had to pick up 2 more colors. And since already got so many stuff, i decided to get some color club nail-art goodies too :)
And yes!!! i am absolutely happy, still :)
Here is my interpretation of "For Audrey", that i was just dying to try for last several weeks. It happened to be a little hacki-military style, but for Audrey is the amazing color, which really don't need any design on it .


  1. That is just too cute. Love your design and looks gorgeous on you. For Audrey is such a beautiful shade.

  2. That's my favorite nail art ever! You're really talented!

  3. Lucy! Thank you so much, you are the most active commenter in my blog. I really appreciate a lot you support.
    And this also refers to all of you, Ladies, who write the comments. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Looks awesome! I love everything and anything with stars!
    I just picked up this np too. I might try it out next.

  5. That color is just perfect for you, and I love the design you chose too. Great job, and congrats on all the new polish!