Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sample Summer

Ya-da-ba-du :) Got my polish package from haed2toe - and i love every single polish that i have got - they are just awesome. I also should mention that service from this store is good too, very fast shipping and communication. So highily recomend Haed2Toe as a polish supply sours
So i sure have played arround with my lovlies and made some kinf of sample manucure. Gosh, i am so in love with those color club glitters - it is just so awesome.


  1. Every nails is sooo beautiful! How did you do these?

  2. Thank you so much Nessa.
    It is just as easy at it looks - the secret is good color polishes :) So i just put several layers of glitter on top of the nail. The glitter polishes are color club glitters - and as i already mentioned i love it so much, i think it is kind of "Must Have" collection.

  3. Very pretty Dreamka! Looking forward to more nail art.