Monday, April 20, 2009

As pastel as it gets :)

Here is a nice pastel nail design that i made yesterday. By the way i used green franket that i made earlier to draw the flowers. Aren't those both colors goes just so cool together?
Just in case someone still don't know how to draw flowers like this:
1) i used the tooth picks for dots and for marbling, since i don't have real tools
2) to make dots i just cut the end of the toothpick with sezards
3)First let the base color dry, then make a dots, and marbl it toward the center while it is wet.
4)The center may look little ugly, this is why you ll need to put another color in center
5) Let your flowers dry well and only then apply the top coat, if it is not dry, top coat will wash out the texture from the leaves.
6) Try it, it is really easy. Have fun !


  1. Love the color you made. Very pretty! I also love the Konad design. Thanks for the directions to make a flower.

  2. Thanks Lucy, but where is no konad here - it is hand painted :)