Saturday, January 26, 2013

1Q32 - Instant Gelish Review

Hello All ,
Today i am posting my review of new amazing product - 1Q32 - Instant Gelish!!!! First of all, i was very impressed with this innovative product - seems to me like a new recolution in the Nail Care Industry ,and i hope it will be available more widely in US. So, what is 1Q32 Instant Gelish? This is a new kind of LED/UV curable gel polish , unlike regular gel polish it does not require any BASE or TOP coats, but still provides a shiny durable nail coating that lasts up to 2 weeks and completely dry instantly after it was cured.
For the review i received 1 Colored polish and a bottle of top coat, which is optional, but comes useful if you d like to do any nail art or stamping over your color.
As a nail addict that was hooked on gel polish  for well over a year i went completely CRAZY about this product, i cant even describe how much i loved it.


  • No Primer
  • No Base coat
  • No Top coat
  • No Sticky after-cure
  • No Cleanser
  • Strong Staying power

The application was super easy and fast, it has a nice consistency and a good coverage. It also have almost no stink, compare to regular polish or other brands of SOG polishes. Another great feature is that there is no sticky residue after curing. All i had to do is apply 2 coats of polish, cure each coat in my LED lamp for 30 second and DONE!!!! And it is really shiny, even without a top coat.
Unfortunately right now,  1Q32 can only be ordered on their web site, because it s a new product produced in japan. The price is also relatively high ($24), but i will be defiantly ordering more, because using this polish saves a ton of time and i really like the variate of colors they offer.
Please check out  for more product info and colors offered. And below are my pictures.
1. Friends nails with hello kitty water decal and a matching ring, i colored the ring with the polish to match the nais.

2. My Nails with some stamping:
 Top Coat (only used on nail-arted fingers)

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