Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gelish Magnetto Polishes

Hi All 
Got 2 of  those so far and not really impressed.I love the idea of magnetic gel-polish, but colors didn't really work for my skin or something, i was not too thrilled.
I also got some extra magnets from e-bay that i didn't like, so i end up with china glaze magnet, and it was perfect - compact, has 2 patterns in one, easy and comfortable to apply compare to the ebay magnets and even original. Here are pictures
Drawn Together


Electric Metal Lover without flash
With Flash

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  1. I've seen advertisements for this type of nail polish before; magnetic polish. Have you tried the Sally Hansen brand? I was considering buying it because it just looked so cool! I blog about nail art as well, I just followed your page, you have some really awesome designs, follow back?