Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Carpet manicure SOG - After Party Playful Fail

Hello All
Here my new nails with "After Party Playful" - so disappointing! It fades dramatically and really quick. First picture is taken right after i was done - Saturday night, and second is today - Monday morning. Absolutely different color. I put some regular glitter polish on the tip, and you can actually see that color under this glitter is brighter than the rest of the nail.


  1. Although it faded, the mani still doesn't look bad haha... It gave your nails a little gradient ;D
    But thanks for sharing this! So I know to stay away from that polish.

  2. How strange, don't think I've ever seen fade that bad before?

  3. This is such a cute mani! The fare really does look like a cute gradient :D