Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flowers Nail-Art Contest

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Hello My Sweet Nail Art Lovers.
Great news!!! Here is you holiday treat from Nail Art World, participate in my Nail Art Contest for a chance to win new super hot “Flame” polish collection by Zoya. International followers are welcome!
First Prize - "Fire and Ice" collection by Zoya (6 polishes) (renamed as "Flame")

Second Prize my 2 of my favorite polishes from summer “Sparkle’ collection - “Charla” and “Mimi”

Here are some Rules:
The theme of this contest is "Flowers Nail Art", since i have been recently painting so many flowers on my nails, I am so curious what would my followers come up with. So, roses and daisies, colorful or monochromatic, romantic or Gothic, painted, stamped, decaled or marbled – everything that you only can imagine is welcomed to participate.
- Must be or become a follower to participate
- Please submit one entry per person to the include no more than 2 pictures of your manicure. Subject line Flowers Contest, please also include your name and e-mail.
- It is preferable that you do new manicure specially for this contest, come on Ladies, lets have some fun doing the nails :)
- You can submit a second entry, if you post in your blog about this contest, please include the link on the post in the e-mail. However i encourage everybody to spread the news about this contest in your blog or twitter, and i appreciate your help with it.
Contest is open until Saturday - December 11 2010
I will select a second prize winner, and 10 best entries, that will be published here for voting to win a first prize.
Readers will select a first prize winner. Voting will be opened from Monday – December 13 till Thursday- December 16, and the winners will be announced and notified by e-mail no latter then Sunday – December 19.
I hope that this is not too many rules :) Can not wait to see all those beautiful manicures !!!!


  1. Yay, I'm excited to participate!

  2. Woow, great contest!
    Does it have to be a new manicure or we can send you older design?

  3. i'll participate and i do an article in my blog :)
    i'm a follower ;)
    i'll send you my nail art later in the day

    excuse but my english is very very bad^^

    see my article on my blog

    can i post my nail art on my blog or its a secret?

  4. Oh, I would really like to participate, but my camera is broken, so I can't take any pictures :(

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  6. well what happened to competition? can not wait to see pictures that part ...