Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stone Art and Failed stamping

Hello my sweet Nail-Art Lovers!
Yesterday i felt an irresistible urge to do somehting arty. Luckily for me, idea came along when i saw the rocks around the house. So i created some "Stone Art" using the same one stroke technique that use for Nail art. I also used some Nail-art decal materials to enhance those little gray stones, and i really hope that you will like this.
As for a manicure, i stamped black flowers on a white base color, but however dint allow it to dry completely, so when i tried to cover it the the top coat, i totally screw the design. I took one picture of my right hand before top coat, so you can see the difference. I had to wash this manicure off, and will have to come up with something new tonight.
With top coat
Before top coat


  1. I really love both. I wish I was artistic and creative like that. :) My creativity flows through different channels tho. Its all good, but I love what you can do.

  2. It's really a pain in butt when after the top coat the perfect design is gone... It's very hard to not smudge the image, especially when you use a matte white base.

    PS: the STONE ART IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow... thats very pretty.. I wish I am artistic like u. love ur free hand is very stunning!! I hope u will have a tutorial at one stroke technique..

  4. Those stones are way too cool....
    ♥ Bev

  5. Have you ever used Seche Vite fast drying top coat? I put it over my nails when they are still wet, and it drys SO fast. It's the only top coat I use anymore. There are several etailers that have it for a very affordable price. I highly recommend it! :)

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