Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am back

Hello my sweet dear Nail-art lovers.
That was an amazing week for me, i fell in love with San Francisco and California. We had such a great time where, and i am truly amazed by this city. Those of you who live in around SF - you, guys are so so lucky :) I ll later post some pictures from the trip, as soon as i get a chance to look at it.
Anyway, right now i have for you a manicure...
I had some really weird experience in the San Francisco exploratorium - we went through "Tactile Dome". In a few words - it is a spherical path that you have to crow in the complete darkness, with only scene of touch as a guidness. If youa re interested you can just google it or read this review - which i find really cool and vivid -
The sad thing is that i did not really get to enjoy it as much as a writer of this review, because i freaked so bad, that right now i am even ashamed of it. Likely Eric was where with me, and i hold his hand the entire trip - so again i did not really get much of the tactile experience :( I just wish i was not so afraid ,and i regret now not going second time.
So this manicure is inspired buy this interesting experience in tactile dome.


  1. Tactile dome is cool, sorry you didn't enjoy the experience...but I hope you did enjoy the rest of the Exploratorium. It's one of my favorite places in SF.

  2. Yeah.. i so regret that i did not even try to enjoy .... I did not even feel any texture, because i was holding Eric's hand all the time.
    Oh ,i wish i could go again.
    I also regret so much that no one told me that you can be extracted at any time from the dome, if i knew, that would probably help me a lot... But i only found it out now in the reviews...
    It 8is not like it was a bad experience at all, i am just so impressed about it, that i just keep replaying the thing in my head again and again, and could not quit thinking about it

  3. That is a great mani, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun in California!