Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zoya Reverie Review - Part I

Hello Dear Readers!
Art of Beauty was sp kind to send me new Zoya collection for review. As always i am sharing with you my honest impression of this new collection .
When i just look at the promo pictures of reverie it make me feel like the spring is really already around the corner. New Juicy and vibrant colors ,trendy duo-chromatic effect, and perfect formula - all of this is brilliantly combined by Zoya in this collection . I did fall in love with the colors from my first look, especially when i saw all this beauty in real. it felt like someone just read my mind and came up with exact colors that i was looking for to refresh my nail polish collection and prepare my nail drawer for spring .
By the way, any idea about what i used as a background for this picture ? :)

1) Lana - it looks very orange in the bottle, but once on nails it is much more pinkish and the chimer in it makes it even a little cooper looking.

2) Gwin - this one is a good candidate for the perfect orange. It is very vibrant and really nice shade of orange with the touch of pink. In fact very opaque, will work awesome for gradients and as a base for the fruity nail art

3)Happi - This is probably my favorite color from all this collection. this rose shimmer looks very fresh and vibrant. And it has a 1000 different looks . Love it!!!!

The rest i ll post tomorrow, so stay tuned for more beautiful colors from Zoya Reverie collection


  1. i like the colors
    they are so cute!

  2. You used a cat, perhaps?
    An orange tabby cat lying on it's back, to be precise.