Monday, January 25, 2010

Star Sky

Hello Dear Reader.
Having this manicure makes me feel very romantic, looking at those nails is like watching starts in a night sky with someone very special. :)
I think this turned really pretty.
Also i apologize for the lack of posting all the last week, it s just that none of my manicure ideas turned well enouth that i would like to share with you guys. However, i got my inspiration back tonight, so i have plenty of fabulous looks for this week. Stay Tuned


  1. Beautiful ! Stary nights manicures always look good to me :-)

  2. Very beautiful, realy like a starry sky ... I have a question, what is the 3d star on your middle finger ? Sticker or anything else ?

  3. Thank you all!
    Ayuu: This is a decal from Color Club Gold collection, here is the review