Friday, January 8, 2010

Stamping over marbeling

Hello dear readers. I spent wonderful Thursday walking in the city of Denver with friends, we did some mild shopping, just walked arrounf and ate in teh surprisingly delicious indian restaurant.
By the end of the day i was super tired but also inspired to make something special on my nails.
I started with making some water marbles. In this manicure the base is silver textured polish by Zoya, And for the marbling i used light violet and dark purple .I really like the effect of the light transparent violet layer over the silver - turned out wonderful new shade.
I finished this manicure with some partial stamps and Jewels. I think this mani look kind of different - and OMG! I cant believe i finally figured water marbles.
P.S. Just a friendly reminder - if you struggle with water marbling too - the useful tip from me is to use worm water, rather when cold one.

This is my right hand
This is full right hand too


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  2. wow, pretty awesome job :)

  3. Job well done, very well done!
    Looks like a picture!

  4. very nice job! what brand of polish do you use? i found when i tried to use opi or china glaze it didn't work to well?? i dont know if i was doing it wrong or what! you should do a video tuitorial :)

  5. this is stunning! I can't wait to try marbling!

  6. WOW!!! this is awesome!! Your marbling is great, but the stamping makes it so unique. Very cool :)

  7. This mani is very nice, I love the colors and decos ^^

  8. Thank you very much, i am really happy to get that many comments on this mani.
    I posted this one on one of the Russian forums and everybody totally hated it, one girl even said that my nails looks like pig toes ...
    So i guess this is what is known as a cultural differences.
    But to get all those comments here, really sky rock my manicure self esteem. Thank you very much

  9. Pig toes?! Excuse me, that is so wrong (not to say rude as well)!
    I think your mani is stunning, the water marbling is perfect and the embellishments you added give it a very whimsical look. I love it :)

  10. I understand people may not like this style, but saying your nails look like pig toes is completely absurd and wrong !

  11. Hi,
    This nail marbling design is beautiful. I would like to recommend it for special occasions where nails are on display!!!

    Kike K

  12. просто охуительно!