Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China Glaze Metallics

Hello Dear nail-Art Lovers.
China Glaze marketing representative was kind enough to send me some China Glaze Metallic polishes for review - that was some kind of wonderful Christmas Miracle for me, because this is not often that companies send me polishes.
So here are those adorable colors that i have got - Adore, Millennium and My long time dream Sci-Fi . Where is no much need to say anything about formula - it is perfect as always. Colors are very opaque and look wonderful even with one coat. Perfect for Konad - as a base and as a Stamping polish as well. I also checked out, just for my own curiosity if China Glaze polishes are available in Russia, and i was pleasantly surprised that it it. it would cost about 10$ a bottle, which is a normal price for professional nail polish in Russia.
So here are the pictures and some description

1. Adore - this Metallic polish is from "Romatique" collection, but at first glance looks very similar to the one from the more recent Khrome collection. It is light green metallic with the touch of blue. The color is rich and beautiful - and aplication is really smooth.

Here is Metallic Muse from Kromes for comparability - as you can see it is also very beautiful color, but less bright when Adore. and i would say a little more minty.

2. Millennium - i would call it one of the best pure chrome metallic on the market. It is very competitive even against special Mirror effect polishes, because it shines, sparkle and reflect as a real metal. Metallics are long lasting hits and a part of any nail polish collection

3. Sci-Fi - this one is also from "Kromes". I wanted this polish ever since kromes came out - it is very intricate and provocative. I woudl call it a lacquer with the surprise. It is a silver metallic with the very gentle touch of lilack - very beautiful and very unique color.

I hope you liked this review, and it helped you to know more about China Glaze metallics


  1. I love them! They are great for Konad or just alone :)

  2. I really like the one with Konad!


  3. I'm obsessed with metallics - these look awesome!

  4. Those look awesome, I love using CG metallics for Konading!