Thursday, October 1, 2009

Orange Mani and Pedi

I apologize for lack of posting, i am just extremely busy with school work now those days.
By the way, good new for those of you who don't know yet, Jamie picked my sunset manicure as a winner of Nail-Art Contest, i am super proud, because i did not expect it.
As about my own contest, i still did not get any prizes for you, even that i ordered it 3 weeks ago!!! this is ridiculous. I talked to Zoya representative today in the life chat, and she/ he said that shipping of new collections was again prolonged for 10 more days!!! originally it supposed to be shipped 15 of September , but them was moved to the October 1, and now again moved. I mean really! i wouldn't mind if it was about me, but it is a prizes for my readers, come on...
So i am a little upset about it. I don't' even know if i can cancel this "pre-order" (which on practice means, we have no idea when we will ship it to you, so just wait and see) and may be get for you guys something else ...
Anyway, here are some new mani and pedi in orange :)
I also try to think about design for another contest, with Halloween theme, but i guess my head is a bit overloaded, and it s been 2 days that i experience lack of ideas.


  1. I like these! That stinks about your order!

    Congrats on winning Jamie's contest, it was a really fantastic mani!

  2. Congrats on winning! I can't believe that they are pushing back the order again!

  3. Congrats on winning! Love those nails!
    and dear, I've tagged you!
    check my blog for details k =)

  4. Congrats! This mani is pretty as well.I have heard of some issues with Zoya and their arrival time,hopefully they'll arrive soon.

  5. How cute are your manicure and pedicure. Congrats on winning. I sure hope my order comes soon. I made a big order with Zoya. I hope mine isn't messed up.