Thursday, October 8, 2009

First snow in colorado

Unbelievable, it was snowing all day long today, and they forecast more snow and cold this weekend. I don't even have worm cloths yet, it does not suppose to get that cold in early October.
Where is a saying - if you don't like the weather in Colorado, just wait 10 minutes :) (because weather here is unpredictable and changes really quick)
Anyway if i don't have worm cloths, i at least can make a winter manicure lol. I know the most creative idea, but i just needed smf quick, because again, no time at all with this crazy life.

And also i decided try to learn One Stroke nail art technique - it is very popular in Russia now. I would not say that this is really hard, but definately require a lot of practice. So here is my first attenpt , i mean it does look like a first attempt too... I am going to get better paints, and keep practice :)


  1. Snow! I'm so jealous right now.

    I love that you censored the rest of your nails. lol.
    I have never heard of one stroke nail-art.

  2. I'm in CO, too. I was desperately looking for winter coats, gloves and hats for my 4 kids! Every year it surprises me! Today is supposed to be better, though!

  3. I love the snowflakes! I need to do that!

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  5. wow! didn't expect to see a snowflake mani this early =)
    but that's pretty!

    And what is the one stroke nail art technique?
    Never heard of it.