Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China Glaze Khrome Swatches and Konad

Hello dear reader, today i have swatches of new China Glaze "khrome" lacquers.
I basically ordered those polishes for stamping, because CG is always best choice for konad stamping, and original Konad Gold and Silver are really not coll and opaque.
So those Khrome polishes looked for me like something that will work just great for stamping.
But at the minute i try it on, i realized that i am falling in love... So here are swatches.
CG - Twenty-Four K - It is all about GOLD! Very light and sparkle, work best for stamping with darker base color
CG - Millennium - Mirror metallic silver - awesome for stamping with any base color
CG -Metallic Muse - Truly brilliant of this collection, very spacial mint metallic, super lovely, and great for stamping too.
With matting top coat also look super spacial
Some stamping :) I love this polish.


  1. These are gorgeous metallics. Love your Konad manicure.

  2. Those are all beautiful! I have a couple of them, but I haven't tried them yet. I love the matte look!

  3. wow shades are very cool and beautiful!!!

  4. I love gold and silver polish. I desperately need these, I wish I had picked them up my last trip to Sally's. I figured they would be good for Konad and I thank you for confirming my hunch!

  5. These are so pretty, and I am excited that they are great to Konad with!