Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly (or so) Pic of Marshal :)

I am trying to keep you update with Marshal and post new pictures, but it just so much cool nail related stuff is going on so it was hard to make room for little kitty pics.
My Marshaljedo is getting super big and super active. But he is still very gentle and "Lap" type of cat. He likes to be petted. However when he plays he can bite and scratch quite hard. And also he is sucking my ear. I first think that he is trying to get some milk out of it, but later read online that it is not really about milk, they may just like the felling of sucking :) I know this is super cute that he thinks that i am his mommy, but i both him a pacifier instead, and try not to let him suck my ear.
And also he likes to sleep on top of my pillow - how cute is that.
He and dogs are good friend, they smell and sometimes even lick each other. They can sleep back to back. But we still watch them very carefully, because we don't want anybody get hurt. he can hurt the dogs when playing, so if he is all "dragoned up', i may even take him or dogs to another room.

Another thing about Marshal - he likes to make "Chiken Legs" expanding all his toes, this is super cute, he laso allows me to massage his paws and caws. In russian folcklor we have a fairy tail character called "house on the chiken legs" - it is very well known in russia (a witch Baba Yaga lives in this house) and i sometimes call Marshal a cat on the chicken legs :)


  1. Marshal is so cute! How neat he loves to sit on your lap and purr. :)