Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poker Nails 1

Hello Sweet Readers!
I have for you today a poker nails. i have been thinking about this manicure for a while, and finaly get a chance to make it.
OMG - doing nails is like meditation for me, it is super relaxing and really helps to calm down, recharge and relief stress. And its not even about the result, it is about the process.
i mean i probably would not go to school with nails like this, but isn't it nice and cool to make it and take a pictures :)
And by the way, i used holiday and Halloween collections from color club for this manicure. I love blacks and wites from Color Club, and this red glitter was jsut made for a mani like this.
Oh, and stay tuned, because tomorrow i am gpoing to publish a "Mild "version of Poker Nails :)
I hope youa re super intrigued...


  1. those are pretty awesome looking nail designs! <3
    i would where them to school! :P haha :P just coz they are too nice to rub off :P

  2. waw, you're so inventive, compliments, great!

  3. This is such a nice mani, you did a great job! Doing nails is theraputic to me too!

  4. Love the manicure and the idea. This would be perfect for the person who loves to gamble or just play cards.