Thursday, September 3, 2009

Charming Nails

I finally got my Orly "Prince Charming" - the polish i wanted the most for the last couple weeks.
Where is somehting about this brown cream shade, something appealing and classy.
So for this look i used Orly as a base ,and when added some Color Club " Love'em - Leave'em" copper shimmer on the tip, to make it more special. I love this combination. It was super hard to capture this effect on camera, but you ahve to trust me, in life, it look super cool, like your nails are glowing from inside. And the grape stamp gives it some autumn touch.
Buy the way, i ordered some new image plates today from OC Nail - and i am super excited.


  1. this is nice & a very classy.. have a great weekend girl!!

  2. I love Prince Charming on you. Nice Konad.