Sunday, August 2, 2009

Triple Zoya Manicure

To create this looked i used 3 Zoyas , China Glaze and a set of instructions from lovely
Naritaz. She is so super creative, and the minute i have seen this many, i knew that i am going to make it on my nails. and 3 Zoays are"
1. Ibiza ( dark blue shimer from Dare collection)
2. Kotori - must have jelly shimmer, - that turns almost any polish to the sparkling beauty - glittery edge
3. Pippa - bright and sunny flower middle .I believe the brightest yellow i have ever had.
Dear reader, flowers and guests, i am very open for the request manicures, so if where is anything you want me to make specially for you, or you have really crazy idea, just comment or send me an e-mail, and i ll be happy to make a manicure by request


  1. this is adorable! so clean looking too :)

  2. Hi! I've just started to read your blog, this is a cute mani and i adore it.. ^^

  3. I love this mani! It's so playful!