Sunday, August 30, 2009

taBoo inspired

I guess i am just in love with this color :) it is so fresh and different. Oh and about atamping on the point finger - it supposed to be a middle one, but i stamped on the wrong one, and just decided to keep it this way. Is it ever happened to you that you stamped somehting on the wrong finger?

I love love love new color club polishes !!!!

And a weekly picture of my Sweet Kolbasa-cat marshal. My friend Lena gave us a cat house that he seem to just love, because it is so much fun. If i were a kitty i would love to have one of whose. By the way - i finally found an exact definition of his color - he is "Ivory with touch of Orange" :)


  1. nice color..i also love this konad design...

  2. it turned out to be really good......the design looked awesome even though you didn't do it intentionally....the konad pattern added a great touch to the overall look. a comment from

  3. Love your manicure. No one would really know anything was wrong. Very pretty colors and patterns. Your cat is really growing fast.