Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stolen Nails :)

Stealing nail design is super addictive - try it once and you can not stop anymore.
I stole a nail design from other gorgeous blogger again ... Its just if i see the design that i like i can not resist, i want to see it on my nails.
I don't know how ethical is this practice, but i mean, when people provide instructions on how to make manicure, don't they wish someone try to make it?
And i always try to post the link on the original author... Lets call ti remake, not stealing :)
So , i have seen those pictures few days ago, and fell in love with this manicure, the minute i sow it, i knew that i must make it. I sure used not exact polishes as in original mani, but got quite close, and i used sponge for gradation too.
So here is the ORIGINAL MANICURE from lovely Charmign Nails blog
And here is my remake. Please let me know what do you think about manicure remakes, do you think it is kind of ok or kind of not cool, to remake others manicures?


  1. i love the gradient look! <3 so pretty :)
    hm.. i never thought yellow would look good on nails! :P
    i need to buy me some yellow nail polish now! :P

  2. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    I think blog law is giving people credit when you use a photo - but copying or creating a similar look is okay.... I think you have done a lovely job with this!

    Also, I copy -you-...... so..... are you okay with that?

  3. Thank you so much for commenting
    Charming nails: Thanks but i don't really see much difference, i like colors that you used a way better, but i used what i have. Your blog is so lovely, i love your manicures.
    Oh and by the way, if you want , feel free to post my pics in your blog, i don't mind at all.Thank you so much again for great idea

    Deez Nailz :
    I too think that copying is ok, as long as original manicure mentioned. After all, again,m this is why authors provides instructions and descriptions - so people can try it themselves, right?
    I would be proud to know that someone use my idea on their nails, and it would be extremely interesting for me to see your works, that inspired by my manicures. Please Please give me a link or just send by e-mail :)

  4. This is such a cute look!
    I don't think copying is a problem at all. As you said, as long as people say who the idea came from then it's fine!
    I'd be stuck if I couldn't get inspiration from other people's blogs!

  5. I dont see anything with getting ideas from other people and trying to duplicate it, as long as you dont try to pass it off as your own if you know you didnt come up with it. Sometimes you run into the equivalent of writers block when doing your nails and you need inspiration :-)
    I like your manicure!

  6. I think it's fine to get ideas like that. You did an awesome job, I love it!

  7. What a beautiful look. I don't blog but I see nothing wrong in remaking a look. I don't think there is any nail polish laws to break! Ha,Ha! I think it would be immensely flattering to re-do someones idea. Only someones photos should be credited and asked permission from them first. I've been reading about people stealing photos from blogs and using them for their own. Now that's wrong. Re-doing nail art I think is great.

  8. Well said the scrapbooking crowd, we call it "scraplifting". Whether it's the lay-out or the papers.... i agree it's such a compliment when others want to try and re-create a look you've made! I also agree it isn't very honest to pass something off as your own idea, unispired. But, I think we bloggers love to show & tell so others experiance what we do....we're so giving that way ( ha ha ha) Why else would we walk you through the products & all?

    Ohh & charming, both look amazing....a design is more than execution, it's creation!

  9. Oh, & agreed on the yellow, i just bought yellow polish 45 minutes ago! (it was NEVER in my polish-not Polish- vocabulary!)