Friday, July 10, 2009

I survived !!!

Hey where, i am alive and not even in that much pain as i expected, so i hope now that this stuff will heal fast.
I was to drowsy to do my nails today, but just to keep you busy will post some manicure that have been done sometime ago. This is another instance of silver gradient. The stamping is not the best i have ever done, bu i believe it all together does not look that bad at all, so let me know what do you think.
Oh and in the dental office everybody was adore my Bloody nails and asked me questions about it :)


  1. I'm so glad that the process was less painful than you expected! :)
    so nice of you to do a post even when you are all drowsy! :O

    Take care and get well soon! <3

  2. YAY! Glad to see you are OK. Great gradient!

  3. Thank you so much girls!
    As about surgery, they just put me completely asleep, so i don't even know what what was going on.I woke up sometime for about a minute, but then they probably added medicine and i fall back asleep really quick :)
    They gave me a big bottle of pain relievers, and this scars em a lot, because so far i did not take any, because where is no pain, but this big bottle... i mean may be it will start hurt later
    Anyway thank you all for the support, at least those stupid wisdom tooth wont bother me anymore, once it all healed

  4. I'm so glad everything went well. It's great your having no pain for now. But maybe the medicine was still in your system keeping the pain away. Just don't let the pain get bad. It will take longer for the medicine to take away the pain. Your nails look beautiful. I so admire your nail art.

  5. What a pretty gradient! I admire your nail art too. All your manis are gorgeous! I hope you get well soon! :)