Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Lips by Zoya

This post is about Hot Lips - lips gloss offered by Zoya to complement the fall collections of nail polishes. Where to start? I did not even opened the box yet, but already felt wonderful, berry smell of this lip gloss. Unlike most of the glosses this smell was so natural and cool, no smell of chemicals. The gloss itself is a little thick, but however provides easy , nice and even application. In the first 2 minutes it may feel a bit uncomfortable on the lips, but in 2-3 minutes this feeling is gone, i think this is because the gloss gets worm up by body temperature and "stick" to your lips. The really great thing about this lip gloss - is that it may stay on your lips for the really long time and is not affected a lot by drinking or making bobbles of the gum. It is not like real long lasting glosses that just gets like 8under your skin, i believe hot Lips create a long lasting wear effect because of its thickness. Using this gloss, feels so natural it does not feels or smells like chemical. So here are some swatches of this product, so you can compare how different shade looks on the lips.


  1. thanks for the lip swatches :)
    these look cute <3
    i'm glad these ones don't smell like chemicals! i really hate glosses that do that :P

  2. I've never tried Zoya's lip glosses. I tend to like the tube type better. I do have a load of tube glosses from NYX. You have fantastic lips! Nice and full. I like all the colors on you. I love lip gloss.