Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emo Nails

OMG! Can you believe it , i am stealing nails again ?
Well, i guess we all decided to call it remaking :)
Anyway, i really admire a lot work of Jennifer from NetherTooMuchGlitter - she is super creative, and her sense of color just wonderful. So i hope she does not mind me using her color ideas in this manicure, i jut can't stand how cute this manicure it, and i needed to make it on my own nails.
Original pictures by Jennifer are HERE
She not only did the manicure, but she also made her own base color polish, and i just happened to own one like this, but nether really used, because could not find where would it look good.
So whose nails are little Emo because it is black and pink, however i want to think that this manicure is more positive. Also look a little like Lacrice candies for me :)


  1. I love the combination of black and pink. This is super cute. I love the pink Frenchie tips and the polka dots!

  2. Awesome combo's - love your site. Check out my wifes article on nails

  3. Ohhh,you would LOVE a manicure that Wah nails did... it's all licorice allsorts! You can find it somewhere in the archives here ( ), but I gave up hunting for it. I did save it to my inspiration folder, though, so I stuck it on my photobucket for you to see, if you like!