Monday, June 8, 2009

Rose Wish

I totally love the idea of matching toe and finger nails. However with my passion to nail-art, i don't do it often, because it s boring to do the same design 20 times :).
I usually do my toe nails every 2-3 weeks, so try to put on my toes something that will go along with most outfits.
I really wonder how often you guys do your toes?
I used to hate doing the toes, because it is hard to reach, and generally harder to remove old polish ( especially glitters). I try not to do fingernails and toenails on the same day.


  1. Hi! Beautiful math color!!How do you paint the rose? Is it Nail Stamping?
    What nail polish is on the base?
    Very very sweet!

  2. very cute. I do my toes about every 2-3 weeks too. They usually don't match unless I am just doing some really cute nail art.

    Love this though! I love the light base color and darker stamp color.

  3. Very cute! I love roses and I like that Konad design. What plate number is it. I haven't painted my toe nails in years. I always keep them manicured or pedicured? If I was more flexible it would be easier. I have back and hip problems. I do manage anyway so I'll have to start painting my toes!

  4. Thank you all the comments, i am so glad that you like this one. The base code is NYC 108A - Polyester Pink Creme. However, i would not recommend this polish - since i didn't really like the formula, and it took me 3 coats to get this look.
    And the image plate is one of those faked that i got from e-bay :) I think this is the one with hello Kitty, but not sure