Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rose on Toes

Bonus post for today - tender pedi that i just made for my fried Lena, who came visit me today. I first stamped the rose on her toes and then colored it with nail art paint, added glitter and rinestones.
She is very conservative about her toes, and every time she comes for pedi she says : Just make me some french with some bright flower with at least 3 colors... It sound simple, but in cat this is challenging task, and i really hate when i i have to do what they say, but not what i think is the best. So i finally talked her into trying to make french tips pink instead of white and use more solid base color. In fact i
wanted it be a real color, but she wanted only this one. So here is the result.


  1. wow so impressive!!! :D If only my hands wernt so shaky :(

  2. Very cute! I like how simple it is!

  3. I like this pedicure. Nice pink glitter and roses on the toes.

  4. Very very sweeeeeet!

  5. Sooo cute!!! I'm impressed ;)