Monday, June 29, 2009

FrankenPolishing Expirience - Part1

This is going to be a series of post about my experience with frankening polishes.
I was always inspired by people making their own polishes, especially i admire work of Frankepolish blog, and want to thank her for useful tips.
So i always wanted to try it - because it look like really fun to do, colors can be wonderful, and does not look to hard to make. (he-he)
Since i am not sure how it all going to turn in, i decided start to do it with the supplies i have, without ordering additional stuff. ( partially the hole decision to franken is based on the economical situation in my valet)
In this part i will provide you with some tips how to clean old bottles from polish, so you can use it for frankening,m instead of order empty bottles. It is not really hard task but require some pation :) Another good reason to start with old bottles, is because you can use smaller size bottles which will require less supply waste.
I started with picking some smaller size all polishes, and when added acetone to it. Actually to simplify this task i made a cone out of old coke can, just cut it with scissors.

i let the the polish melt for about 20 minutes and then located it upside down to let ti float from the bottle. You ll need to repeat it several times,letting it melt for 10-20 minutes each time acetone is added. I was afraid to drain this stuff in the sink or toilet ( glittery toilet is not my big dream lol ), so i used another coke can. it is also very cool that you can leave the bottle upside down, like this

After all those precedures you ll end up with clean enouth bottles that can be used for frankening and expressing your creativity

However i realized that i totally suck in mixing polishes.. i spent like 4 hours playing arround with samples,and i didn't like a thing... really, this is not as easy as it may look. So stay tunes for Part2 , to see if i can make anything to put in my clean bottles.


  1. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with. I don't have any bottles that are even half empty! I'd have to buy empties if I wanted to franken. I have a lot of minerals and they would be interesting to use. Good luck with your frankening.

  2. Thank you , Lucy.
    Some first results are coming up tomorrow.

  3. I am looking forward to what yo ucome up with!

  4. wow.. you got those bottles pretty clean! :P
    can't wait to see what colors you decide to create! <3