Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In search for perfect pink

I recently realized that i have a lot of pink polishes, and some of them are almost identical shade. And the worst thing is that i still look at pinks in the polish stores.
So decided to make some swatches of my pinks,for those like me, who are in search for perfect pink.
So here are most interesting pinks in my collection :

Here is a one coated light shades:

As you can see, one coat almost nether enough for good coverage, that i prefer. I consider polish be the one that works for me, if i can get a full coverage with good opacity in 2 Coats. I almost nether do 2 coats, because it chips really quick from my little nails. In fact my usual is 3,5 coats - 2 coats of base color, design, and top coat - so in fact its 3,5.
I am not com0pleately happy with any of those polishes, in terms of coverage. Two coats looks much better, however none of them provide even full opacity.
2 Coats:

3 Coats :

One coat of darker shades :

Two coats of darker shades :

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  1. I have the same issue but with blues and greens! I also have a bunch of pinks and they're all around the same shade. I love the darker pinks you have pictured!