Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FrankenPolishing exirience - Part 2

It is about time to revel the secret of the kitty nails. In fact the base color for kitty manicure is my first official franken polish.
So after spending hours and hors trying to create somehting at least close to nice, and number of fails, i came up with the better idea. if you cant do soemthing ,see how others do it and do the same. I was admiring this color for a long time, since i seen it on Dr.Frankenpolish Blong , so decided just follow instructions given where. Except i used my own polishes, which are close in color to whose that she used, and i did not add any clear polsih, because i want it to be opaque.
May be one day i ll be able to make somehting myself, but so far, at least it worked, even that the idea is not mine. Thank you Dr. Frankenpolish - to be my guide on frankening.

One bottle used and 3 to go, stay tuned for more Franken Polishing experience


  1. i like the color! thanks for sharing your secret! :P

  2. You've really frankened a pretty color. It's such a pretty baby blue.

  3. That is such a pretty colour! Thinking I may have to copy that one too!